Hello, we are Kaitlyn and (Eu)Gene, and we live in our self-converted Promaster campervan.


I am Kaitlyn! I was born and raised in Utah. I am a voracious consumer of anything true crime and a compulsive apologizer (sorry). I love pizza, Kraft mac & cheese, cinnamon rolls, comedy, movies, music, games, writing, traveling, and sports. One day in high school, a cute new boy named Gene showed up to class, and now I get to call him my husband. I caught the travel bug after a trip to London, and realized that I hadn’t seen very much of my own country. Years of dreaming and planning later, I regularly find myself in total amazement at this life we have created for ourselves and these new memories we are making every single day.


I’m Eugene, but everyone calls me “Gene”. I have grown up traveling around the world and I’ve always loved to seek adventures. Shortly after graduating high school I joined the Army where I learned the skills required to work in IT. After leaving the Army, I pursued a career in Network Engineering, which lead to an opportunity in Seattle Washington, which is where we now call “home”. I chose to take on the challenge of self-building a campervan. It was never the easy path since I had zero skills in any field that would benefit our build process, but I often say I am a graduate of YouTube University. Now I am a full time traveler, exploring the United States, Canada, and Mexico.


Our van Kevan is a self-converted campervan. The name Kevan came from our names, the “K” from Kaitlyn, the “E” from Eugene, and the “van” because, well, you get it.

Kevan is a 2018 Promaster 3500 Extended. When we bought Kevan, he had 900 miles on the odometer, and was an empty cargo van. Now Kevan is a full-fledged RV complete with a fixed bed, kitchen with running water and a propane range, a bathroom complete with a shower and toilet, and even a dining area/desk space.

We like to say we have all the unicorns of “#vanlife”, toilet, shower, heater, and even 12v air conditioning that we could technically run for short periods (1-2 hours) solely on solar.


Question Answer
How long have you been on the road? We officially hit the road October 28, 2020.
How long did it take you to build your van out? We bought Kevan new on the lot in November of 2019, but didn’t really start building until January of 2020. When I (Gene) left my job in June, the progress really took off. We were able to complete about 80% of the build before our apartment lease in Seattle, WA ran out and we traveled back to Utah to finish it a week or so before we officially hit the road.

About 10 Months
How many Watts Solar do you have? 500W, 5x 100Watt Renogy panels mounted on the roof
What kind of batteries do you have? 4x Renogy 100Amp Smart Lithium Batteries for 400AH total storage
How much Water do you have? We have a 46Gal fresh water tank mounted in the garage, we can fill it most of the way before it spills out, I’d estimate about 42Gal of water
Where do you poop/shower? We have a Natures Head composting toilet, but we use public bathrooms whenever possible, and we built a shower into our van so we can shower wherever we need to, but again prefer public bathrooms (like Planet Fitness)
What king of gas mileage do you get? We average around 13-14mpg, the most we’ve ever seen was just under 16mpg. We have a very heavy build (just shy of 9,000 lbs) and we have larger size tires than stock.
Do you have heat/AC? Yes, we have an Espar B2 Gasoline heater directly connected to Kevan’s gas tank, and we installed a Cruise N Comfort 12v air conditioner (we haven’t used it since installing it)