Hello and welcome to our first blog post. When we set out on our journey in Kevan, we did it with the thought that we would be forging memories for years to come. We think writing down and possibly sharing those memories is a good way to ensure we never forget the adventures we find along the way.

Today, I (Gene) am working on our website with limited internet connectivity in Craggy Wash just outside of Lake Havasu City. We are gathered up here with several of our friends from the road that are supporting Nelson as he builds out his new bus in the middle of the desert.

The weather has been amazing most days, but there have been two days now that have kept us locked in our van avoiding the wind and occasional rain.

Full Moon Circle

  • When we arrived at this location, we learned of a planned Full Moon Circle. Having never heard of or experienced anything like this, we knew we needed to go.
  • We arrived for the evening festivities after dark, with just a blanket and rocks to sit on. We found our spot in the circle and got comfortable-ish.
  • To open the circle, one of the members of the group shared with us a native ritual inviting the spirits. She sang while we all looked west/north/east/south, then up to the sky and down connecting with the ground.
  • We then took turns around the circle stating our intention for the night. Kaitlyn and I both stated the same intention: open-mindedness.
  • Next, we were guided through a meditation that took us out of the desert and to the bottom of the ocean to see what our subconscious needed to tell us, all while reiki was performed and a singing bowl was used.
  • After we returned from the bottom of the ocean, we did another meditation to find our spirit animal/totem.
  • The evening was completed with sound therapy provided by a gong. Did you know there are so many different sounds produced by a single gong? We didn’t. It was a very peaceful experience for both of us.
  • Nights in the desert are cold, so once the circle was closed, we hurried back to Kevan, cranked the heater on, and drifted off to a very rested sleep.

We love that we get to explore and participate in things that we never would have been able to living a typical life. Living in a van has aboslutely opened a window into a world we never could have dreamed existed.